Brief history of European football

European football traces its roots back to the medieval games and English public school games.

Let’s take a look back at some of the important facts and moments in football history:

The formation of The Football Association in London was brought about by mid-19th century efforts by local football clubs to standardize varying sets of rules. Thus leading to FA being established in 1863.

It was in 1872 when the first FA Cup match was held between Wanderers and Royal Engineers.

William McGregor, a director of Aston Villa, was credited for forming the first league involving 12 football clubs which would later become the Football League’s 12 founding members.

The first international was played in Scotland on Nov. 30, 1872 between Queens Park FCand Glasgow and ended in scoreless draw.

The Football League and FA Cup were suspended during World War 1 as many plyers signed up to fight in the war.

The English Premier League was founded on Feb. 20, 1992, La Liga in 1929, Bundesliga in 1963, Serie A in 1898, and Ligue 1 in 1930.

The oldest club in continental Europe is the Swiss squad Lausanne Football and Cricket Club founded in 1860.

Football in Spain was inspired by British immigrants. Spain was a founding member of FIFA.

The UEFA or the Union of European Football Associations was founded in Basel, Switzerland on June 15, 1944. It is the administrative body for association football, futsal andbeach soccer in Europe.

The FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association or International Federation of Association Football) was formed to oversee the worldwide game at the start of the 20th century. Seven countries joined efforts to form it in Paris on May 21, 1904.

The first Football World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. In the first final match between Argentina and Uruguay, Argentina’s ball was used in the first half, whilst Uruguay’s was used in the second.

The South American Copa America was first held in 1916 preceding the World Cup. Other continental tournaments followed suit such as the AFC Asian Cup (1956), African Cup of Nations (1957), European Championships (1960), North America’s Gold Cup (1991), Oceania’s OFC Nations Cup (1996) and the UEFA Nations League (2018).

The Brazilian squad is the most successful team in World Cup with five titles. Italy and Germany have four titles apiece.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup was inaugurated in China in 1991 with 12 teams participating.

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