Footballers who tried their luck in show business

The lure of show business did not escape football players from giving it a try.

Some of them channeled their talent on the pitch to take a plunge and test an uncharted territory.

Let’s meet them:


This midfield enforcer helped Wimbledon win the FA Cup in 1988. He also saw action for Leeds United and Chelsea in his 15-year career as a player. After that, he appeared in Guy Ritchie-directed films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels, and Snatch.

In Hollywood, he has played a number of bad-guy roles.


He won four Premier League trophies with Manchester United and two League and FA Cup doubles. After retiring, he tried going showbiz and featured as the French ambassador in the 1998 movie Elizabeth. He was critically lauded for his role in Looking for Eric, a film by Ken Loach. Cantona also appeared in French movies and stage plays.


They both appeared in the classic war movie Escape to Victory which starred Sylvester Stallone. Pele choreographed most of the action scenes. Stallone played the goalkeeper’s role for the Allied team that took on the Germans in the action-packed finale of the movie. Moore was the manager of Hong Kong club Eastern Sports Club at the time of the filming in 1981.


Showbiz beckoned for Barcelona talisman Messi who was the inspiration in the Cirque du Soleil show “Messi 10’’ depicting the Argentine icon’s life. He was centre of attraction during the world premiere on Oct. 10, 2019 which was also attended by his wife Antonela.


The former Newcastle and England star tried his luck in the music industry by recording a rap version of Geordie folk-rock legends Lindisfarne song Fog on the Tyne.’’ His song reached No. 2 in the UK singles charts in 1990. He had another hit,Geordie Boys,’’ which reached 31st.

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