Premier League bent on finishing season, plans June 1 resumption

Premier League officials are working in earnest to save the current season which was cancelled because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Plans are now afoot to finish the season by resuming matches from June 1, all of which to be played within a six-week time frame.

The rapid spread of the disease across Europe and rest of the world has forced officials to suspend the current season until at least April 30.


With the new plan, the league’s schedule proposal will enable the 2020-2021 campaign to start on time, on August 8 or four week s after the culmination of the past season, to ward off financial troubles.

Clubs are facing problems financially as no match day revenue is supporting them at present. Television deals are also off as no matches are available to broadcast.

The proposed June 1 start is in just 10 weeks’ tie and if the current season is finished, Liverpool would go on to be crowned champions, their first title in the English top-flight tournament in 30 years.

Earlier this week, the Football Association (FA) announced they have changed their rules to allow the season to be “extended indefinitely’’ past the earlier June 1 deadline.

The June 1 start date is seen as one of the best-case options being considered by both the Premier League and Football League.


Under the new plan, as reported by The Telegraph, matches would be played behind closed doors whilst the Premier League would request the government to sanction the presence of emergency crews within the ground. The plan also calls for the FA Cup to be completed.

Not football matches have been played in the United Kingdom since March 13.

Before Premier League matches were called off, Liverpool was way ahead of the fieled with 82 points after 29 matches. Manchester City, who have played 28 matches, are second with 57 points, whilst Leicester City (29 matches) are third with 53 points.

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