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In addition, we also include the most up-to-date league standings and data for the world’s most popular football championship. To get more in-depth EPL predictions and club stats, select a match.

English Premier League

The English Premier League, or simply Premier League, is the world’s most popular football league and most-watched sporting event. It’s the top tier in the English Football League. The league is made up of 20 clubs that compete in a total of 38 home and away matches. There is also a promotion and relegation system in place, with three teams being promoted to the Premier Division and three being demoted to the lower league. The Premier League season in England runs from August to May.

Many consider the Premier League to be the most competitive football league in the world. Some teams are in contention for the championship at the start of every EPL season, but there are always surprises.

Who can forget Leicester’s incredible title run in 2015/2016?

Because of its enormous popularity, English Premier League betting has become a frenzied affair. Wherein, every sportsbook in Singapore provides many markets on each game.

But don’t go to the bookies just yet. Instead, wait a bit and read up on the best Premier League betting tips and predictions available!

The Latest EPL Predictions, Tips and Results

English Premier League is one of the best football championships. It means we provide the most accurate EPL predictions and betting tips. 20 clubs are set to face off against each other, with a total of 38 matches to play for each team. Check out our Previews & Tips page to enjoy sports betting.

Anything Football found a way to work hard by producing quality EPL predictions free of charge. Check out our EPL match fixtures today!

Look for our EPL match fixtures now!

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When Do Premier League Predictions Become Available?

As soon as the previous games have been completed, we will provide our tips. This means they’re usually issued around the middle of the week, giving you plenty of time to think about your English Premier League (EPL) betting options. If there are midweek games, we’ll ensure that our tips are released on the previous Monday. We like to be quick with our Premier League betting predictions, but we don’t hurry them. Instead, we give our pundits the time they need to properly analyze the game at hand, ensuring that their predictions and suggestions are far more beneficial to you.

Comprehensive Premier League Predictions

Anything Football is dedicated to providing thorough EPL predictions on every Premier League football matchup. Anything Football examines tons of statistical data, compares head-to-head records, and examines forms and team news. Also, all of our EPL match fixtures are thoroughly examined and evaluated. So, we give our readers the greatest possible betting experience.

Predictions And Betting Tips For The Premier League From Anything Football

The EPL is made up of 20 teams, and games are held every weekend, unless international games are being played. In addition, there are a lot of games during the week. Furthermore, Premier League teams compete in the Champions and Europa Leagues, where they are frequently among the favorites to win. A season consists of 38 games, which means that each club plays each other twice.

Our analysts carefully examine historical performance when making betting predictions, and history shows that the top six teams in the standings are normally:

  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Liverpool
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea

Other teams do occasionally make it into the top six. The Champions League is open to the top four clubs, while the Europa League is open to the fifth and generally sixth teams. In addition, the spots that sixth team gets depend on who wins in the EFL Cup or FA Cup.

Outstanding English Premier League Betting Tips and Predictions

Because of its popularity, the Premier League is also regarded as one of the most profitable betting tournaments in sports. Because this season is long and usually close-knit, bettors have a lot of opportunities to benefit from favorable odds

Changes To The Transfer Deadline

The Premier League season has traditionally started before the transfer market has closed…

Making it extremely dramatic and unpredictable right from the outset. The highest flight of English football, however, has chosen to modify the norm.

The goal of such rule is to keep the competition stable, not to take away the thrill of the game. The early parts of a season are frequently full of surprises. The underdogs benefiting from the strain and expectations placed on the favorites’ shoulders.

However, as the season goes, clubs begin to rediscover their rhythm and form… Making betting on the favorites at home the way to go in the case of top English sides.

Popular Betting Tips

Some teams are more entertaining to watch and create more goals as a result. Also, betting on goals proved to be a popular choice, particularly with Liverpool and Manchester City. Other clubs, like as Stoke, are accustomed to defending their turf.

There’s a reason they say that if you can do it in Stoke on a wet night, you can do it anyplace.

EPL Predictions And Betting Tips

When betting on Premier League matches, there are a plenty of different markets to choose from. Our tipsters have been able to narrow down the best options for you to make. Check out our match previews and EPL predictions today.

Long Term Bets At Top Betting Sites In Singapore

Many punters like sports betting on long-term events such as the league winner or the clubs who will be relegated.

Do you want to wager on the winner before the league starts? Then, you should pick one of the six clubs listed above. Because one of them is almost certain to win the championship.

Relegation candidates are usually clubs who have just been promoted from the Championship. Sometimes, they are the one who are finding it difficult to adjust to the bigger stage.


In the Premier League, accumulators are quite popular. And, many people utilize our Europa league predictions and betting tips to fill their accumulator bets. These bets have a lower chance of winning than single bets. Yet, it also offer massive rewards. We know that in the past, our English Premier League betting picks have resulted in some massive accumulator winners!

Our Expert EPL Predictions

Our team of tipsters knows exactly what they’re doing. They’re all seasoned online sports gamblers with a passion for football. In addition, they have a lot of success betting on this tournament.

They are now delighted to share their best EPL predictions and betting tips with you in the hopes that you will profit from their vast experience.

How We Do It?

To provide our readers with only the most informed Champions League predictions, we go through a mountain of statistical data. Then, we analyze their head-to-head records and examine current forms and club news. After that, you will be given a clear indication of the best betting options and football tips today. This is the result of our thorough research ahead of each Premier League round. Moreover, you will have a clear overview why betting on sports using our EPL predictions make perfect sense. This includes betting on the total number of goals in match or number of yellow cards in the nations league.

What is the best English Premier League prediction?

Of course, everyone wants to win their Premier League bets. Also, various people will have different perspectives on who is the best at providing Premier League predictions. However, because all of our suggestions are well-thought-out and well-researched, they are frequently trustworthy.

Which Team Has The Most Success In The EPL’s History?

Manchester United has 20 championships to their name. However, the most of these are from the past.

In The English Premier League, How Many Games Are There?

The English Premier League (EPL) has a 20-team season with 38 matches.

Which Premier League Teams Are Playing This 2021/2022 Season?

The following teams are currently playing in the Premier League for the 2021/2022 season: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Brentford, Brighton, Chelsea, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leeds, Leicester, Man City, Newcastle, Liverpool, Man Utd, Norwich, Southampton, Tottenham, Watford, West Ham, and Wolverhampton.

When Will The EPL 2021/2022 Season Start And End?

The EPL’s regular season lasts from August to May.

When It Comes To Premier League Sports Betting, What Are The Most Popular Bet Types?

Even if some punters bet on special markets or other outright Premier League markets, the following are the most popular sorts of bets on the Premier League.

  • Premier League 2021/2022 Outright Winner
  • Who will be the Premier League’s bottom team?
  • Accumulators

Free EPL Predictions and Betting Tips

Everything on Anything Football is entirely free to read and use. We will never charge you a price to view any of the pages, articles, or guides on our website. This, of course, includes all of our Premier League betting tips accessible throughout the season. Check out all of our Anything Football betting tips and predictions.

All of our free EPL bettings picks come with a comprehensive analysis. This explains why that particular recommendation was picked. Now, don’t expect all of the advice you’ll discover here is 100% guaranteed accurate… That would be foolish. We do, however, have a lot of successful tippers. By showing their total profits, total yield, and win percentages, we’ve made it easy for you to locate these specific people.

On our site, we’re proud to provide you with free Premier League betting predictions. However, numerous websites do not. If you’ve been hunting for Premier League predictions, you’ve most likely come across websites that need you to pay a fee or subscribe. Should you go ahead and do it? No, we don’t believe so.

At Anything Football, every single tip is recorded… This allows you to see which forecasts were correct and which tipsters have a track record of wins and losses.

Bet Now At TOP Sports Betting Sites With Our EPL Predictions

Anything Football brings you the most up-to-date EPL predictions and match previews. Do you want to guarantee the best possible chance of victory? Then, read our unique EPL predictions and recommendations for the forthcoming matchups now.

You may also compare how your favorite team is going to play against their opponents by using our extensive and well-founded material. After each round of EPL matches, we make sure that our EPL predictions are available for the next day.

We also provide thorough EPL tips 2 to 3 days before to kick-off. So, we can provide you a more in-depth breakdown of tips and facts for each:

  • Match
  • Goalscorer
  • Statistics
  • Odds and more

If you agree with our recommendations, you may choose to use our EPL predictions to assist you in placing single or multiple bets at one of our recommended sports betting sites.

Why do you prefer the Premier League to the other football leagues?

The Premier League is one of the most widely watched football leagues in the world. EPL is also the wealthiest league in the world because of its TV revenue, which continues to rise year after year. Meanwhile, you can also check out our predictions to top league games like:

  • La Liga Predictions
  • Bundesliga Predictions
  • Champions League Predictions
  • Europa League Predictions

Looking For Expert Football Prediction On The Premier League?

Anything Football uses tons of data and analyzes it thoroughly before establishing our EPL predictions.

If you base your Premier League bets on our EPL predictions, you might end up earning a lot of money. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to cover the spread and place smart bets on every game. Keep an eye out for our free Europa League predictions to make your money go farther.

Of course, you don’t want to blow your whole bankroll on a bad bet on Wolves over Tottenham, right?