Football Betting Guide: What is Asian Handicap Soccer Betting?

Asian handicap soccer betting is one of the best methods to bet on. However, it may be difficult for North American gamblers to understand Asian soccer handicaps at first.

Asian handicap betting is identical to other types of point spread betting. Besides, Asian handicap soccer betting actually simplifies betting on sports by reducing the number of possible outcomes that bettors must evaluate.

The goal of an Asian handicap is simple. This is to remove the draw from the betting card. Then, balance the action on games between mismatched sides.

What Is Asian Handicap In Soccer?

This betting method originated in Indonesia. It is also similar to the puck line in hockey and the run line in baseball.

Furthermore, the Asian Handicap provides the bettor an option between just two teams. However, the favorite must win by a specified margin before it can be considered a winning bet.

The favorite team with a handicap disadvantage is marked by a negative sign (-). A plus symbol (+) is given to the underdog team, which has a handicap advantage.

Asian Handicapping Gets Rid of the Draw

How does Asian handicap soccer betting work?
How does Asian handicap soccer betting work?

Soccer matches often end in a tie, or draw, unlike major North American sports like football and basketball. Throughout the years, more than a quarter of English League games have finished in a tie. Also, the number of draws also climbed for the past years. In soccer, the most common outcome is a 1-1 tie.

Besides, you must pick either team to win the game outright or the game to result in a tie in traditional soccer betting. As a result, most soccer bets require you to place a wager on one of three outcomes:

  • Win
  • Lose
  • Draw

This category also includes three-way moneylines and double chance wagers.

Also, bettors who do not wish to consider the chance of a draw has two options. And both of these two options have just two possible outcomes.

  • Draw No Bets
  • Asian Handicap Lines

Draw No Bets VS Soccer Asian Handicap Lines

When betting on soccer, draw no bet wagers allow you to avoid the draw. However, they still differ somewhat from Asian handicaps. Moreover, draw no bet wagers are most easily compared to two-way moneylines in sports like hockey or baseball. You are selecting which side to win the match outright. Then, your wager is simply repaid if the game finishes in a tie.

Furthermore, Asian handicap betting eliminates the chance of a tie by ‘giving’ points to the underdog. Then, ‘laying’ them against the favorite. Because we are always adding or deducting points from the final score, both sides cannot end the match with the same score.

Asian Lines Soccer: How Does The Asian Spread Work In Soccer?

Most gamblers can immediately understand the concept of Asian handicap. However, reading the lines can be a challenge for some punters. This is because spreads with Asian handicaps sometimes include values that do not exist on betting cards for other sports. 

Furthermore, the team with a negative handicap value is the favorite. This is also because the bookmaker is deducting points from their final score to level the playing field. In addition, the underdog is the team with the highest positive value. Besides, the bookies are giving them those points to boost their final score.

Typically, a bookmaker will establish a primary or main Asian handicap line. This Asian handicap line reflects the bookies’ prediction of the actual outcome as well. In addition, the Asian Handicap soccer line is also designed to draw equal action on both sides. This number is usually a half point (+0.5 & -0.5), although it can vary.

Furthermore, punters also have the option to wager alternate Asian handicaps. Also, most sportsbooks in Singapore allows you to lay handicaps on the favorites, such as -0.25, -0.50, -0.75, -1, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75, or -2.0. On the other hand, you wager to the underdog with handicap at: +0.25, +0.50, +0.75, +1, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, or +2.0.

However, what exactly do all those half-points and quarter-points imply?

What is 1/4 point spread in soccer?
What is 1/4 point spread in soccer?

Asian Handicap Soccer Betting

The bet for Asian Handicap looks a little different than regular soccer odds. Therefore, the odds for a win, lose, or draw bet on a match between West Ham and Tottenham would be as follows:

West Ham-160

So, in the absence of the draw, the main odds would be as follows:

West Ham-0.0

When the Asian Handicap is set at 0, it signifies the game will be played between two evenly matched teams. Therefore, for you to win your wager, the team you bet on must win. Because this method of soccer betting eliminates the possibility of a tie, you’ll receive your wager back if the team ties. In this case, a PUSH occurs when your bet is refunded.

Handicap 0.25

Assume Real Madrid is facing Barcelona with a 0.25 handicap. Then, the odds would be as follows:

Real Madrid-0.25

What is 1/4 point spread in soccer?

The favorite (Real Madrid) is a quarter-of-a-goal better than the underdog in this line (Barca). Furthermore, you may reduce your risk by making a “quarter bet”. This effectively means you have two alternatives if you don’t want to lose your wager.

Furthermore, you win your bet if you bet on Los Blancos at -0.25 and they win. However, if the game finishes in a tie, it is deemed a “half loss”. After that, you will receive half of your initial wager back.

Handicap 0.5

This type of wager signifies that one team has a half-goal advantage over the other.

Los Angeles Galaxy-0.5
Toronto FC+0.5

These odds show that you must bet on the favorite team to win outright for you to win your wager. If the underdog wins or ties, then the underdog bet also wins.

To be declared a winner for those who bet the favorite in the MLS scenario above, LA Galaxy would have to win the match outright. However, because Toronto FC is handed a half-goal lead, gamblers will only receive a payment if the team wins outright or draws.

Handicap 0.75

This is perhaps the most difficult kind of Asian Handicap betting. The probabilities would be as follows:

Manchester United-0.75

Your wager is a winner if you bet on Man United and they win by two or more goals. So, if Man United wins by a single goal, you’ll get half of your wager refunded. Meanwhile, the other half will be considered a winner. On the contrary, you would lose your wager if the favorite lost or draw.

Singaporean punters would have a different outcome if Liverpool had been the underdog. Therefore, you will win your bet if the Reds draw or win outright. Also, you’ll get half your money refunded if they lose by one goal, with the other half considered a defeat. Furthermore, your bet will be void if Liverpool loses by two goals or more.

So, What’s the Difference Between 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75 Handicaps?

Under Asian handicaps that do not employ full numbers, no side may score a quarter or half of a goal. In addition, it helps in ensuring that the outcome is not a tie.

Furthermore, half points on basketball or football lines are recognizable to point spread punters. In addition, they work in the same manner with Asian handicaps. Half points handicap requires a team to win by the next full number to cover the spread.

By dividing your bet and putting two separate wagers, quarter points operate as a sort of protection policy. Also, these two separate bets can be one on the closest whole number and one on the closest half number.

Table For Asian Handicap Soccer Results 0-1.00

HandicapTeam ResultBet ResultHandicapTeam ResultBet Result
0DrawStake Refund0DrawStake Refund
-0.25DrawHalf Lose+0.25DrawHalf Win
-0.75Win by 2+Win+0.75WinWin
-0.75Win by 1Half Win+0.75DrawWin
-0.75DrawLose+0.75Lose by 1Half Lose
-0.75LoseLose+0.75Lose by 2+Lose
-1.00Win by 2+Win+1.00WinWin
-1.00Win by 1Bet Refund+1.00DrawWin
-1.00DrawLose+1.00Lose by 1Bet Refund
-1.00LoseLose+1.00Lose by 2+Lose

Advantages To Asian Handicap Soccer Betting

Though it may appear intimidating at first, Asian Handicap soccer betting is a fantastic strategy to reduce risk. Also, the Asian Handicap provides you a one-in-two chance of at least getting your money back, instead of having a one-in-three probability of winning. Besides, most sportsbook betting in Singapore offers Asian handicap odds.

Is Betting On The Asian Handicap A Good Idea?

The chance of each event is put into the price, just like everything else in sports betting. Other articles on the Asian handicap will claim that it “reduces variation”. This is because soccer is such a low-scoring sport, which may be true. However, you’ll always pay for that reduced variance, or whatever other ostensible benefit you’re getting with a different sports bet type.

For some people, fractional spreads are a terrific option. This is because they provide punters with the assurance of perhaps winning one wager while pushing another.

However, if you don’t accept the security, you’ll get a better deal.

Italy+143– 1.5 Handicap
Turkey+108-1.25 Asian Handicap

Betting fractional spreads like +1.25 or -1.75 instead of +1 or -2 isn’t necessarily better. Besides, prices are constantly taken into account.

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