Multiple Bets Explained: How to place safe accumulator bets?

Accumulator bets (ACCA) are popular among punters, even though there are many other forms of bets in sports betting. Football accumulators are becoming one of the most popular football betting markets in recent years. Besides, ACCAs are more popular among casual gamblers who only play on weekends. These safe accumulator bets provide you the chance to add more outcomes while increasing your total winning odds. But how do accumulators in football work?

ACCAs: How do football accumulators work?

A football accumulator, also known as an ACCA, is a form of wager in which you combine multiple bets. Therefore, you can combine four or more different types of bets into a single wager. As a result, all of your bet selections should come in for the bet to win.

Furthermore, accumulator improves your odds as you add more bets to your football accumulator betting slip. However, you must do extensive investigation using the markers, so that you’ll be able to make an educated decision. Also, you should keep an eye on the number of choices you’ve made. Safe accumulator bets are usually capped at around 14.

How to place safe accumulator bets?
How to place safe accumulator bets?

Different Types of Accumulator Bets

Type of Football Accumulator (ACCAs)Number of Selections
4-fold ACCAs4
5-fold ACCAs5
6-fold ACCAs6
7-fold ACCAs7
8-fold ACCAs8
9-fold ACCAs9
10-fold ACCAs10

The amazing part about safe accumulator bets is that you may immediately enhance your odds… Just by combining all of your selections into a single wager. Notably, you just need to wager little quantities of money. The reason for this is that the higher the stakes, the higher the danger. Thus, if one of your picks fails, you will lose all of your bets.

Even so, the benefits of winning are significantly bigger than the benefits of winning on individual outcomes. Let’s look at an example to demonstrate how do football accumulators work.

Multiple Bets Explained: How do football accumulators work?

Safe accumulator bets, in a nutshell, are wagers that combine two or more selections into a single wager. Only if all of your picks win, then that’s the only time you earn a payout. Otherwise, you’ll lose all your wager if you lose.

Simply choose two or more selections on your football accumulator betting slip to place safe accumulator bets. The aggregate odds will show first before you can place an accumulator bet.

Let’s say, you want to wager on these four selections:

  • Man United to win against Arsenal for a 3 decimal odds.
  • Chelsea to win against Man City for a 3 decimal odds.
  • With 4 decimal odds, you want to back Tottenham to beat Man United.
  • Wolves to win against Everton with 5 decimal odds.

You will restrict your returns if you back all of these selections. For example, you bet $10 on Manchester United to defeat Arsenal at 3 decimal odds. Then, you’ll earn a $20 profit as a return.

Thus, you’re betting on Chelsea to beat Man City at 3 decimal odds while also betting on Man United to beat Arsenal at 3 decimal odds as well. Then, you’ll notice that your odds have been increased to 5/1. As a result, your $10 bet on these two would result in a profit of $50.

In other words, if you back all four picks in a single football ACCAs, you’ll get 179/1 odds. As a result, a $10 bet on these 4-fold ACCAs would net you a $1200 profit.

Total Returns = stake * [odds on 1st selection * odds on 2nd selection * 3rd odds * odds on 4th selection]

$10 * [3 * 3 * 4 * 5] = Total Returns

Therefore, your total returns will be $1800.

Total Profit for 4-fold ACCAs = Total Returns – Initial Profit

$1800 – $10 = Total Profit for 4-fold ACCAs

Total Profit for 4-fold ACCAs = $1790

How do you work out odds on accumulators?

You must convert the fraction into decimals to compute the accumulator returns. The odds from the five singles are then multiplied together.

Safe Accumulator Bets: How to place multiple bets in an online Sportsbook in Singapore?

Let’s get started placing safe accumulators bets on your bet slip now that you know how they function.

  • First, fill out the betting slip with all of your wagers at your chosen sportsbook in Singapore.
  • After that, you’ll get the cumulative odds for these picks. In addition, you will have the ability to gamble on each selection (defined as “singles”). A straight accumulator line is also available, with numerous betting possibilities provided below.
  • Next, click the button/arrow to enlarge the betting options so that you can see them.
  • After that, select the four-fold accumulator bet option. The betting slip will then calculate your possible winnings for you. Confirm the wager and possible winnings if you are satisfied with your football accumulator bets online.

What is the concept of an each-way accumulator bet?

This is a type of safe accumulator bet that is usually put in a horse-racing event. Each-way accumulators involve combining two bets into one. On your initial wager, you are backing that all of your picks will win the race. The other is for your horse to finish first in the race.

The each-way accumulator is a safe accumulator bet or a risk-free bet. Because you don’t have to win the total bet if all of your horses finish first.

What are 5-Fold Accumulators, and how do they work?

This is a form of accumulator bet in which you place a wager on all five options in one bet. Do you want to win in a 5-fold accumulator? Then, all five of your football predictions must win first.

Safe Accumulator Bets: What is a Rolling Accumulator bet in sports betting?

A rolling accumulator bet is a type of wager that involves many outcomes.

Other forms of accumulators don’t operate like rolling accumulators. First, you’ll place one bet. If you win, you’ll double your bet and put the rest of your winnings on the second pick. A single bet is what a rolling accumulator is. As time goes on, your stakes and profits will then increase.

How to win big with safe accumulator bets in football?

A winning strategy is a key to success in any type of sports betting. There are cases of people winning big sums of money on huge long shots. Despite that, you are more likely to succeed by assembling a well-thought-out collection of focused bets.

Try padding out a few strong value options with what appear to be some more reliable picks. This includes top football teams beating lesser opposition at home. Moreover, your chances of winning also improve, although the odds will not be as favorable.

Don’t just choose games from the weekend’s schedule on the spur of the moment. To win on your accumulator bets, it’s critical to think about each choice… Because you are betting on a single outcome. Also, examine each teams’ recent form. In addition, study their head-to-head records and injury and suspension information.

You should choose your stake once you’ve done your homework and are reasonably sure of your choices. It is preferable to invest $10 on a well-researched 6/1 (7.00) accumulator bet than to put $1 bets on ten 60/1 (61.0) accumulators picked at random.

For a reason, bookmakers adore bettors who take long shots on accumulators. They’re entertaining, even though they don’t always pay off.

Safe Accumulator Bets: The Benefits of Taking a Higher Risk

Are accumulator bets on football worth the risk?
Are accumulator bets on football worth the risk?

Despite the significant risk, punters choose to place safe accumulator bets since they can earn more money. ACCAs are also beneficial to people who like betting on sportsbooks in Singapore. It’s because if you place many bets and they all win, the bookmaker will give you a reasonable withdrawal amount. As a result, you can profit before your wager is completed.

Along with ACCAs, sportsbook betting in Singapore offers a wide range of proposition bets, too. As a result, you can also include a props bet in your football accumulator bet. This can help assist in increasing your winnings as well.

With so many betting alternatives, you may guess on whatever factors you are most certain about winning. If you don’t want to experiment with other strategies, you can also use 1X2 Predictions to fill your betting slip. In general, safe accumulator bets are a fantastic concept.

Safe Accumulator Bets FAQs:

What are the benefits of betting on football accumulators?

Football accumulators frequently have high odds. It also implies you have a better chance of winning. In addition, bookmakers are betting a lot of money on the ACCAs. Furthermore, rather than individual bets, safe accumulator bets are more intriguing.

What is ACCA insurance, exactly?

The accumulator’s insurance feature allows players to win the bet even if one of the singles is lost.

What is an Over/Under Goals ACCAs?

The sports betting market restricts the number of possible outcomes. Thus, betting on total goals is an accumulator-friendly strategy to increase your odds of receiving a return. The betting possibilities range from as low as 0.5 goals per game to as high as 9.5 goals in some cases. It also allows you to customize your bet on a game-by-game basis. You may also choose to bet over or under your selected total as well. So, if you think a game will be tight and low-scoring, under 1.5 goals could be a good bet with decent odds. Meanwhile, if you believe the game will be a goal-fest, you might wager on over 3.5 goals. It means a minimum of four goals must be scored.

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