Sports Betting Guide: What Is Live Betting On Sports?

Are you new to sports betting? If so, then you are probably one of those who get intimidated while betting on live events. You’ve undoubtedly heard your friends talking about how they are in their favorite clubs and sports. So, you’re probably wondering what is live betting on sports entails.

Continue reading to learn how to wager on live sports and how to create a winning strategy for the next game you watch. As a result, you can maximize your profits and have a more enjoyable experience!

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What Is Live Betting On Sports?

Live betting is an innovative option for sports betting that requires quick decision-making due to the fast speed of the game. It is also suitable for sports that need a strong grasp of how to place bets.

Today, live money betting is increasingly growing popular. In addition, “Live sports betting” is the act of making a wager on a sporting event after the game started. Now, you can bet on a broad variety of sports, including:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Back in the day, the only time that you could place a bet on a game was before the game starts. In addition, you were locked into your bets once the action started. Moreover, that was the end of your betting until the following game. Then, sportsbooks discovered a system that allows players to make extra wagers during the game based on how things were going. Thus, live betting on sports could provide a far better experience for bettors.

What is live betting on sports?
What is live betting on sports?

Welcome To The World Of Live Betting!

Live betting, often known as in-game betting or betting in progress, allows bettors to place extra wagers AFTER the game has begun.

What Is Live Money In Betting?

These wagers are sometimes made between quarters or periods. Other times they are offered after each play. Essentially, you may wager on a variety of different things at any time throughout the game. Also, the number of various betting kinds available and how frequently they vary are both determined by the technological capabilities of the betting site.

Before, Live sportsbooks and casinos only provide the fewest, if any, live betting options. This is because it is more difficult for them technologically to keep up with the pace. On the other hand, online casinos and sportsbooks in Singapore now provide the best betting possibilities and diversity. This is because they all have the technological capacity to keep up with the games. Plus, they can handle all of the shifting action.

The beauty of live betting on sports is that it simplifies everything for you, the player. Also, you will never have to worry about your bet altering before you can place it since you are never required to wait.

We’ll go through the distinctions between the betting possibilities later. Plus, we will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Brief History Of In-Game Betting

Live betting has recently grown in popularity to become one of the most popular gaming concepts in history. With the advent of the Internet, in-play betting has never been more popular or exciting than it is now. Moreover, in-play betting has been documented since the early 1900s. Even though, there was probably live betting before then. Fans in the grandstand would put bets during each inning of a baseball game.

In addition, Fenway Park in Boston was a center of live betting action. Sonny Reizner, a well-known Las Vegas bookmaker, began his gambling career here as well. Moreover, he is also known as the Godfather of Proposition Betting. In the 1930s, Reizner recalls gamblers congregating in the right-field bleacher section of Fenway Park.

Punters wager on whether a batter will reach base on the next pitch or not. Also, they are wagering on whether the next hit will be a single, double, triple, or home run.

What Are The Various Kinds Of Live Sports Bets?

The type of live bets available will vary widely based on the sport and where you place your wager.

As previously stated, a sportsbook’s live betting operations need a significant amount of labor and technology. Therefore, they must create fresh lines in real-time. In addition, they do not have the time to prepare for conventional bets, such as days or weeks. Because of these factors, the types of live betting options available will differ. Let’s look at a few of the more common types.

Sports Live Betting: The Traditional Bets

These are similar to bets that are available before the competition starts. Except that, the odds will alter in real-time to reflect what has transpired throughout the game.

Let’s say, you are betting on a football match in real-time. The Brighton is -200 favorites to win at the start of the game. Let’s assume their quarterback breaks his leg on the first play of the game. Plus, the opposing team scores a touchdown right away. The Brighton isn’t as huge a favorite as they once were, and are now more likely underdogs. They’re already down a touchdown, and their starting quarterback is gone.

In this case, you’d be crazy to wager the game at -200 right now.

Furthermore, this will reflect in live odds. Then, you can place a more realistic wager if you believe that Brighton will still win. The odds may shift to +150 or something similar, providing you a far greater chance to bet on the Brighton.

If you had wagered $100 on the Brightons before the game, you would have received $50 if they won. However, if you wager during the game and the Brightons win with their backup, you’ll receive payouts of $150. Furthermore, you’d receive three times as much as the bookmaker believes the Brightons will lose based on what’s going on in the game right now.

In live betting on sports, you’ll have your typical “who will win” bets. Plus, you can wager on alternative bets like over/under (totals) and the like.

Live Money In Betting: The Prop Bets

If the sportsbook or casino has the necessary technology, all of your prop bets will be available for in-game wagering as well. These include both recreational and skill-based prop bets such as:

  • How many touchdowns or goals a player will score?
  • Who will be the first goalscorer?
  • How many field goals a kicker will make?

Do you believe a player is a sluggish starter or is not obtaining the ball for a reason that is soon to change? If so, then you can usually find a lot of solid value with these types of live bets.

Let’s imagine you’re betting on Rob Gronkowski to score more than 1.5 touchdowns in a game. Then, Gronk just had one grab and no touchdowns in the first half.

It currently appears that he will not score more than 1.5 touchdowns. Therefore, the chances of that happening will increase dramatically. This implies that if you win this bet at halftime, then you can win handsomely.

Keep in mind that greater rewards usually generally indicate a bet with a lower chance of happening. You’ll see later that this isn’t always the case with in-game wagering vs regular wagers put before the game.

What are the different type of live bets?
What are the different type of live bets?

What Is Live Betting: The Parlays

If you wish to, you may occasionally transform your single bets into parlays when live betting on sports.

Let’s imagine you place a wager on a trend that you believe will occur and will continue to occur. After the game begins, you can add an extra stake to your original to try to profit from your right prediction. Furthermore, in-game wagering at many sportsbooks in Singapore allows you to generate fresh new parlays.

How To Place Live Bets?

Live betting is simple at the top sportsbook in Singapore, whether you’re a first-time gambler, a casual bettor, or an experienced bettor. When it comes to searching for live betting chances and putting an in-game wager, you have various alternatives. Moreover, you can see live odds written on their:

  • Homepage
  • Live betting page
  • League page
  • Sport-specific page

You might have seen live odds for the full game, first quarter, or first half of the game in the early minutes of the game. Then again, these options differ by sport. For example, you may filter live betting odds for:

  • Handicaps
  • First- and second-half totals
  • Next goal
  • 1×2 or Home/Away/Draw
  • Total goals
  • Last team to score
  • Total corners
  • Yellow/red cards

How To Calculate The Odds Of Live Bets?

When it comes to living betting on sports, take note that the odds changes as the game progresses. Therefore, if a favorite is leading by a considerable margin, then the odds decrease.

But how can you figure out what the chances are?

Odds compilers on live betting platforms, unlike dealers, adjust prices based on the score and real-time data.

Moreover, many online sportsbooks use computer algorithms that do the heavy lifting for them. Once a soccer team has scored 20 goals, the prices on markets like the team to score next, team to win, and next goalscorer will plummet.

What Are The Benefits Of Placing Sports Bets Live?

Betting on live sporting events has various advantages. This includes:

  • You can choose from many sports.
  • In live betting on sports, the odds change all the time.
  • It is not always the case that bookmakers are correct.
  • By watching the live stream, you can make smarter decisions.

Live Betting Tips

  • Prepare ahead of time.
  • Access a clear, no buffering live stream feed.
  • Keep a close watch on your wagers.
  • Select the best interface when live betting on sports.
  • Keep an eye on momentum shifts.

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