Sports Betting Guide: What Is The Push In Betting?

Are you new to sports gambling? Do you want to know what is a push in betting and how it affects your bets? Simply put, a push is what happens to your bet if the sports you bet on a result in a tie.

We build up gains and dread losses as bettors or competitors. However, some sporting events aren’t always a victory or a defeat. In many sports, overtime and shootouts have reduced the number of ties, although ties still occur sometimes.

So, how do sportsbooks handle these circumstances? What does a push mean in betting?

Another way of looking at push in betting is this:

A bookmaker will assign a number for the projected outcome of a game. The result is a “push” if the number you bet is the same as the number given by the sportsbook.

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What Does Push Mean In Betting?

When betting on the result of football or basketball games, or other sports with point spreads, a push is the most likely to happen.

Are you unfamiliar with the concept of a point spread? There is nothing to be concerned about because we got you covered.

In betting, a point spread is a method of leveling the playing field for teams.

This is an example of a push result:

Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City odds: 40 OVER or 40 UNDER

The game’s outcomes were as follows:

  • Kansas City = 31 points
  • Tampa Bay = 9 points

The number given by the sportsbook is 40 and it is also the game’s total score.  Therefore, the outcome is a tie and the money you wager will be returned to you.

So, Who Wins?… Push in Betting

When a push happens… Neither side wins nor loses. Therefore, the sportsbook will merely return the stakes to the bettor.

As a result, pushing isn’t always a terrible thing. The time spent betting and watching the game only to break even is usually the worst part about them.

The good news is that the sportsbook does not penalize bettors for pushes. Instead, bettors who bet on a push never lose money.

Sports Betting Tie: What Happens In A Tie?

Straight bets (Single bets) that end in a tie are refunded. Let’s say you have the Buccaneers +7 at New Orleans and the Saints win 28-21. Regardless of the vig, both sides will receive their money back.

Likewise, if the total for Tampa Bay and New Orleans is 49, both the over and under is a tie. Therefore, all bettors on either side will be repaid.

In the event of a tie, moneyline bets are pushed as well. The bookmaker will return both bets if the Patriots are -250 versus the Jets and New York is +240.

However, things become slightly more difficult when a tie occurs on parlay and teaser bets.

What is a push in betting?
What is a push in betting?

Push In A Parlay: How Bookmaker Handles Ties In Multi-Event Wagers?

If a three-team parlay is won, the odds are 6/1, and a four-team parlay is 12/1.

What if you win three of the four legs in a four-team wager, but the fourth bet is a push?

What Happens With A Push On A Parlay?

Can you push on a parlay?

Many bookmakers will simply eliminate any ties from a parlay or teaser. Then, they pay out the wager as if it were a multi-leg wager with one fewer leg.

As a result, a four-team parlay with three winners and a push payout is the same as a three-team parlay that wins. With the push removed from the water, you obtain 6/1 odds instead of the 12/1 you were hoping for.

This rule appears to be the fairest and most equitable method to handle ties. In addition, some sportsbooks consider ties in parlays and teasers to be losing bets. This is especially common on early-week parlay cards that are available for betting up until kickoff on Saturday or Sunday.

In the end, it’s always a good idea to check the details. Before you place a wager, find out how your sportsbook handles push.

Of course, if you include a larger number of legs in your parlay, you’re more likely to end up with a push. A ten-team parlay has ten possibilities to tie. Thus, a two-team parlay has only two games that potentially tie.

Parlay Push: What Happens If A Parlay Gets Pushed?

If any of the parlay’s bets lose, then the entire parlay loses as well. However, if any of the parlay’s bets ends in a tie, the parlay’s number of teams is reduced. Therefore, the odds are also reduced accordingly.

Pushed games will be removed from a parlay as if they never happened. For example, when a team is favored by six points and wins by six or when the total is precisely on the line. A three-leg parlay that pushes isn’t always lost. Instead, it becomes a two-leg parlay.

What Are The Benefits Of A Push In Betting?

What happens with a push on a parlay?
What happens with a push on a parlay?

It is easy to entirely avoid push in betting if you are constantly in it to win it. If you invested time and money to watch a long athletic event, getting a refund if the game finishes in a draw might feel like a waste of time. On the other hand, if you’re a high-volume player who’s solely concerned with ROI, a tie is preferable to a loss.

Avoiding pushes is as simple as betting on spreads that include a half-point, often known as a hook. With a 2.5 or 3.5 point spread or a total of 47.5, there will never be a push. Also, you can generally buy a half-point if you can’t locate a spread or total with a hook. In addition, you may pay a slight premium for juice. However, when laying three, it’s typically better to accept -125 to gain -2.5 rather than -110.

Moneyline bets do occasionally push, but it isn’t often. These days, there are no ties in the NBA, NHL, or MLB. Last year, the NFL had one tie, two in 2018, and none in 2017. When betting on big sports on the moneyline, the chances of a push are quite slim.

Finally, three-way betting is available in various sports, notably soccer. You can wager on the winner of either team or a tie. Do you choose a team to win on a three-way moneyline? Then, keep in mind that a tie will result in a loss rather than a refund.

Push In Betting FAQs:

Is A Push Harmful To A Parlay?

Parlays can have two to 10 outcomes. To keep the parlay going, each outcome must win or tie. Therefore, any defeat will end the parlay’s life and cause it to lose. In the event of a tie or a push, the payout is reduced by one.

What Happens If You Push On A Teaser’s Leg?

A two-team teaser that ends in a tie/win, tie/loss, or tie/tie is called a push. It may happen during sporting events like the NFL, college football, NBA, WNBA, and college basketball. In this case, the sportsbook will reimburse all the bets resulting in a tie. What happens if one of the two teams in a two-team teaser does not participate? Therefore, it will result in a canceled teaser. Also, the sportsbook will reimburse all the bets.

In Sports Betting, What Is A Push?

In casino and sports betting, a push is a word that refers to a tied bet in which the bettor receives their investment back.

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